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The artist known as Ehsan is quickly becoming one of the most important and influential artists in the world. 


Ehsan’s work embodies an unrivaled passion to bring peace for all to the light. It's a stark, purposeful contradiction to the moments of darkness he witnessed in his youth.


Born in Sweden, his family moved to Iran when he was just 10. He saw the devastation of the Gulf War. He witnessed how his father offered food to refugees and other victims of this senseless violence. His father’s example imprinted Ehsan with kindness and a hope for peace. Ehsan’s family also had to deal with local racism. They were called gypsies and looked down upon. 

As a young man, it became apparent that his life’s work must bring peace through unity. Naturally gifted with a humane spirit and an extraordinary artistic ability, Ehsan began nurturing his gifts. He began to paint and once his family immigrated to the United States, he began studying under a master artist in California. 


Then it happened again - more devastation, this time in his new American homeland. 9/11 made Ehsan realize something needed to be done and he was the person to lead this movement. Ehsan discovered the healing power of art through vibrant textures and mesmerizing bold colors. He created new artworks constantly. The passion became an obsession. Then in 2003, he gave it a name – The Vision of Unity and Peace.


Ehsan’s Vision of Unity and Peace is a remarkable dream that is becoming a reality. It is an installation of 2,000 double-sided paintings that when placed together covers over half an acre. Ehsan envisions that it will be housed within a 17-story monolith, atop the Vision of Unity and Peace Center – a home for the world to meet, reflect and help one another – the physical, spiritual and symbolic antithesis of the places and experiences he had as a child. 


Those who meet and collect the artworks of Ehsan feel his compassion. It has been said that Ehsan’s magnetic smile and infectious gratitude is a window into his soul, one that will continue to inspire him to help the world feel more love. So, he paints every day and he promotes his vision for global unity and peace to all he encounters. He embraces all art forms and creates both physical and digital NFT artworks so that all who love art can experience and participate in his vision for unity and peace in the form they choose. 


We can all join Ehsan to bring about positive change. It is a joy to see his art lead the way.  

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