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Welcome… my name is Ehsan.

Most of us feel great concern about all the war, hate, and fear raging around us. I create art to inspire global peace and give to charities. When you collect, share and support, you are part of this vision. I personally invite you to visit my gallery, or join me virtually, where we can discuss how you can be part of the “Vision of Unity & Peace” and receive a collectable gift.

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Vision of Unity & Peace Fine Art Installation

2,000 double-sided fine art paintings turn into a 17-story tall monolith. When all are brought together they form a unified image that embodies our effort to inspire global peace.

Imagine a vision of everlasting global peace… together we make the dream into a reality." ~Ehsan

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Join world-renowned artist Ehsan in his journey to inspire global unity and peace through art.

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You're invited to listen in on a series of discussions between the world renowned artist Ehsan and select "Peace Ambassadors" as they ponder, conceptualize, and propose real world solutions to inspire global peace.

Strength is fortified in numbers. When we stand together, we begin to enable the difference our world needs.

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